Eco-Friendly Printing

Hybrid Wraps is your #1 choice for eco-friendly printing in Fountain Valley, CA!

Our new Eco-friendly, Mimaki JV-400 LX is a top of the line printer that’s the first of its kind. The innovative more ecologically friendly latex inks allows us to expand the range of medias we can print on as well as offer a wider variety of services to our customers in more than one way:

  • The latex inks are water based. (with no volatile ingredients)
  • There’s no need to wait, printed media is ready to be laminated as soon as it comes off the printer.
  • This eco-printer improves production speed and efficiency of each individual job
  • Mimaki Latex Inks require a very low heat to cure, making it energy efficient.
  • Odor-less Inks make a Eco-friendly production space.

The Worlds First Latex White Ink


This ink system has the most advanced technology available and is first of its kind on the market. The use of the latex white ink increases the vividness of colors and can be used as an over/under coating on transparent or colored medias. This is ideal for printing store front displays, window treatments, and the ability to print white onto specialty colored and
textured materials. Because very little dry time is needed, we have the ability to design, print and install a job all in one day, without compromising the quality or integrity of the wrap. This printer lets nothing go to waist, even the ink cartridges are recyclable. It also has an “economical white ink circulation system” that prevents pigment sedimentation and helps use 100% of the ink in each cartridge. This new technology reduces white ink waist and provides an economical print production environment